Steam Traction

Always popular with the public, these living, breathing creations being one of those marvellous Victorian inventions aimed at improving the way things were done on the land and in haulage. They were the natural development of the Trevethic Steam Carriages of the early 1800’s and the Steam Locomotives of the Railway boom of the 1820’s to 1860’s. If steam could be used to replace the Horse on passenger and freight haulage, then why not on the Land. Examples exist from the 1880’s and they continued to be developed and built right up to the 1950’s culminating in the Steam Fodens and Steam Sentinels to name but two.

It is our hope to present at least 12 of these wonderful Engines for you to enjoy the thrill of seeing, breathing and touching them.

To date we hope for the following to attend, further additions to follow when known:

1903 Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Agricultural Engine “Chieftain”
1919 John Fowler Tractor “Tiger”
1924 An original John Fowler Showmans
1925 Burrell Traction Engine
1930 Ruston Hornsby Steam Roller

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