Motor Bikes

Where the car was the ultimate transport for the familiar then the Motor Bike has to be the ultimate personal mode of transport for the individual unless you had a sidecar. Developed early in the 20th Century and built by the small entrepreneur, they were used for personal transport and during the First World War their potential was realised as a means of despatching orders, hence the title Despatch Rider – today we know them as Couriers. Famous people who enjoyed the freedom of the Motor Biker included on of Britain’s WW1 war heroes – T S Lawrence better known as Lawrence of Arabia but unfortunately this passion also took his life. During WW1 and WW2 demand grew and once again it was WW2 where they were used in the Despatch role.

Examples on display cover the period 1940’s – 1994 and include many finely restored and cherished samples from the following manufacturers:

Royal Enfield – I wonder how that got its name!
British Small Arms (BSA) – Guess where that was developed and manufactured.

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