Miniature Steam Traction

In the early days the Manufacturers would commission a fully detailed and working prototype model of their engines to check for practicalities and design of the production model, remember this was in a day before computers. Any issues being addressed at this cheaper stage rather than on the production line.

Fascinated by the larger working examples of Steam Engines, both man and woman have desired to own their own, but being unable to afford an actual true example have turned to Modelling, many as static models. But the ultimate is to own a fully functioning model of their favourite Engine built by their favourite manufacturer.

It is hoped to be able to have on working display around 15 – 20 of these wonderful creations of various Scales from of 3” to 6”, modelled during the period 1960 to 2013 and include examples of;

John Fowler
Ruston Proctor

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